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Tech Support Philosophy

I've asked myself what serves the customer best many times over the last few years.  My opinions change on this subject as technology, my experiece and skills have evoloved.  I've distilled that subject enough to post this:

The customer does not need or want to get bogged down in technical nonsense.

While it's tempting for me to show off all the tricks I have up my sleve, even to the point of confounding the entire job;  I have learned instead to streamline their processes, automate their workflow and protect them from things too complex and unfamiliar.  There is a lot of neat stuff out there that they don't have a need or time to indulge.  Thats my job.  To make the technology work for you so you can do what you do best.  You really dont care about secure socket layers or java scripting and why should you. Your business is making oil, hay, burgers or whatever.  Let me solve your tech problems and strip away all the nonsense so you can get back to work.


Screw the hardware: Protect the data!
Hardware is inexpensive.  Replacing an aging computer costs less than $500.00 these days.  Why bother wasting their money and time fixing junk.  Upgrading is far more cost effective than rebuilding Frankenstein over and over again.  I insist on investing the time and energy on a reliable backup system and new hardware instead of band-aiding old systems that are glitchy and undependable. They will only break down again and make me look bad.


I know more than I think I know and that is worth something.
Cool geek tricks Ive learned during my years of tinkering and countless hours of reading technical manuals have become easy and second nature to me.  I take it for granted sometimes that not everyone knows how to use google maps or tabbed browsing with firefox.  Sharing my shortcuts and tips is really one of my most valueable products. In other words, Ive read the manual, Ive tested it, experimented with 7 diffrent versions of it and applied that knowledge in countless real world scenarios before the question is ever asked; 'how do i?'  Next time you want to do anything, I mean anything (even stuff that does not involve computers).  Ask me before you do and you will be suprised how much I can help.

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