John Pitts

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Remote Support
I can now access your computer through the Internet to diagnose and fix many kinds of problems. No matter where you are in the world, if your computer is functioning well enough to connect to the Internet, I can connect with your PC over a secure link to take control and investigate the problem.



 Remote Support is now Vista compatable!





Here are the steps you need to follow for remote technical support:

   1. Call John and request remote support. The phone number is (432) 889-1678.
   2. Connect your computer to the Internet if it is not already connected
   3. Click my smiling face to download the remote support tool.
   4. Save it to your desktop and click the face again to run.  Then click Internet support when prompted.

The remote support tool will not remain installed on your PC, nor does it use registry settings. Once support is complete, your computer will show no sign of the support tool. This helps you maintain the security of your computer.

Remote Support is billed at the standard rate - this is not a free service. Please call for current rates (new clients: $100 per hour, billed in half-hour increments).

When you need computer problems solved, be sure to give me a call.